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Companies like CHEP, PECO, and IFCO have thrived by promoting reusable packaging solutions, driving a dramatic increase in demand. This surge, however, presents unprecedented challenges for Distribution Centers (DCs), which are currently ill-equipped to handle the escalating complexity and volume of operations.

EcoTrax has responded with a revolutionary technology platform that serves as a third-party, centralized system for managing pooled pallets. This platform is not just a solution; it’s a necessary evolution in the face of growing pressures for supply chains to adopt sustainable practices and achieve zero waste.

Today’s DCs struggle with increased volumes, diverse container/pallet styles, and multiple ownerships, necessitating more space, administration, and specialized logistics. The lack of adequate infrastructure leads to significant disruptions, higher risks, and inefficiencies.

For the poolers, the risks and costs also increase in materiality. Assets sit idle, accumulate damage, and the return is slow, reducing turns and exacerbating the inefficiency of asset utilization.

EcoTrax’s platform offers a new path forward through enhanced collaboration and technology integration, providing specialized services and standard operating procedures tailored for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. By centralizing data and streamlining communications, EcoTrax mitigates the risks and inefficiencies plaguing modern supply chains, ensuring that asset utilization is sustainable and efficient.

With EcoTrax, the future of pooled pallet management looks not only sustainable but also seamlessly efficient and infinitely scalable.


About EcoTrax 

EcoTrax is a technology-enabled supply chain solutions company focusing on a mission-critical yet under-resourced area of supply chains – the recyclables, reusables, and waste produced by distribution centers. Our purpose-built platform and team of industry experts deliver solutions that increase the value and sustainability performance of recyclables (pallets, OCC bales, plastics, food waste) while simplifying and modernizing the management of returnable containers (totes, pooled pallets, etc.). We digitally integrate and synchronize all internal stakeholders and external partners and automate workflow through a single platform. This single point of truth reveals real-time, actionable data and insights, reducing environmental impact while improving fiscal performance.