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Technology-Enabled Management

EcoTrax actively manages all your supply chain recyclables, reusables, and food waste, so you can focus on your customer.

Have peace of mind knowing your OCC, pallets, plastics, RPCs, and food waste will be professionally managed. You will be partnering with experts who will maximize your recycling revenue while enhancing your sustainability performance.

At EcoTrax our approach is simple: We focus on what we do best- allowing you to focus on what you do best.

It’s Like Performing an RFP Each Month for Each of Your Facilities

The example listed here is from a known national retailer that received two pallet pricing modifications in 2022. If the retailer had utilized EcoTrax, they would have benefited from monthly compensation increases at the actual market rate.

Gain Additional Revenue by Ensuring You Are Paid 100% for Your Assets, 100% of the Time

The average volume increases our customers received once EcoTrax was implemented to track their recyclables.

Partner with Sustainability Experts

We begin by performing a sustainability audit of your distribution centers.
Once completed, we analyze the data and present you with a comprehensive sustainability report that contains a baseline and a list of identified opportunities to make your company more sustainable.

Finally, we utilize EcoTrax to continuously monitor and report on your sustainability improvements.

Transparency & Visibility

Transparency and visibility are at the core of who we are as a company, which is why we collect and report live, on-site data and analytical insights backed by regular audits.

Additionally, we can provide data on pooled pallets and RPCs, streamlining your reporting and documenting all movements as a third-party auditor to reduce lost asset fees.

Single Source Recycling Management Partner

EcoTrax offers a fully automated materials management process with enhanced controls and transparency. Audit-ready data is captured and reported in a single system that's future-ready and adaptable to meet your company’s specific needs – saving you time and money.

Let’s Do This

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