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The nation’s only technology-enabled platform for ordering, tracking, and reporting all recyclables, reusable containers, and food waste that flow through your supply chain.

EcoTrax is not an app. It is a comprehensive, technology-enabled management system. This simple to use platform was designed by recycling and food waste industry experts to drastically streamline ordering processes while providing complete oversight of your recycling programs, reusables asset tracking, and food waste management. EcoTrax is accessible through all devices such as desktop, mobile and kiosks and provides your organization with live oversight of all pallets, OCC, plastic, and food waste generated throughout your supply chain. EcoTrax not only reduces labor costs and theft but also greatly improves recycling compensations and provides auditable sustainability data.    

See how EcoTrax’s disruptive technology has changed the way supply chain recyclables, reusables, and food waste are managed.


EcoTrax Recycling & Asset Management Services

Partner with industry experts who actively manage your supply chain recyclables, reusables, and food waste.

This first to market service is our core offering where we provide the greatest value to our customers. Our team of industry experts sit on your side of the table. You will no longer wonder if your company is receiving fair market pricing, if your recyclers are providing fair counts, how many reusable assets are in your pool (totes, etc.), and how well your sustainability initiatives are progressing. We view each recyclable as a commodity and know how to generate the most compensation for them. Not only will you continually receive top market compensation for your recyclables, but you can expect a 10.4% increase in volume due to shrinkage management. Our team of experts manage your entire supply chain recycling and food waste management program reducing your headaches, improving compensations, and enhancing your sustainability efforts.

Learn why CEOs partner with EcoTrax to actively manage their supply chain recyclables, reusables, and food waste, allowing them to focus on their customers.


EcoTrax Recycling & Returns On-site Operations

Deploy our team of professionals to handle, track, and manage your entire supply chain recycling and returns program.

We are experts in the on-site handling of both distribution center and store return recyclables, reusables, and food waste. Our team will process and track your: Store return assets and recyclables. Pallet sortation and loading. OCC & plastics segregation, baling, and loading. Food waste and diversion. Reusable asset inventory. Vendor exchanges and more. This allows your operations team to focus on core distribution center needs such as inventory management, case pick accuracy, and on-time delivery. As a part of our program, we hold regular meetings with your management team to ensure that we are constantly aligned with your operational needs and maintaining the highest levels of safety within your facility. This synergistic approach allows us to anticipate your needs and concerns before they arise, giving you an unmatched professional partner to support your entire supply chain.

See how an EcoTrax on-site solution will be a valued extension of your DC operations, evolve with your needs, and provide expert oversite every step of the way.


EcoTrax Sustainability

Collaborate with the nation’s first full-service, supply chain sustainability experts.

EcoTrax’s sustainability experts will perform Supply Chain Sustainability Assessments at your distribution centers to establish your current scope 3 emissions baseline. Once completed, we provide a review of the assessment and offer suggestions for opportunities to deploy environmentally responsible process changes. Targeting the byproducts generated at your distribution centers, we work with your team to develop comprehensive strategies designed to lower your carbon emission impact while building a more sustainable supply chain for the future. We look at all options to support your environmental goals and work to develop a closed-loop solution to ensure that your materials are responsibly managed. No comprehensive sustainability program can be managed without a high-level carbon accounting platform. For this reason, EcoTrax sustainability customers receive the highest level of carbon tracking software available. Our audit ready data and sophisticated analytics provide best-in-class carbon emissions tracking allowing you to make better informed decisions for a greener future.

Let EcoTrax’s Sustainability Division help you on your environmental journey.
Together we create a better, greener future.

EcoTrax Recycling & Food Waste Compliance

Protect your company’s hard-earned reputation by partnering with experts that understand recycling and food waste regulations.

As you may know, increased carbon and methane emission are a global concern. Most American companies are working hard to “do their part” to reduce greenhouse gasses. Unfortunately, not all… Compliance is designed to ensure that all companies do their part whether they want to or not. Beginning in 2023, many companies began receiving citations for non-compliant recycling and food waste practices. Non-compliance poses not only a negative environmental impact but also a financial and reputational concern. EcoTrax’s compliance division can ensure your company has the knowledge and tools to meet all local recycling and food waste regulations. Our team of experts perform site assessments to establish a baseline and follow up with a comprehensive compliance progress report. We assist with signage and container placement, offer suggestions for more compliant operational processes, and provide training. We keep you up to date on pending legislation and monitor the enforcement of current regulations. We will perform scheduled “self-assessments/audits” to provide you with updates on your compliance status, and we will work with the EcoTrax Recycling Management team to locate potential diversion options for challenging recyclable and food waste materials.

Partner with EcoTrax’s Recycling and Food Waste Compliance Division to simplify compliance, enhance your sustainability, and protect your brand.