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Exciting News! Introducing our new interview series: “In The Loop: Where Supply Chain Meets The Circular Economy.” As supply chains evolve, so does our commitment to sustainability. Join us each month as we unite leading experts in supply chain circularity to simplify, harmonize, and modernize the management of surplus transport packaging and food waste. Together, we will learn from their experiences, discover best practices, and be part of the circular revolution!

About EcoTrax

EcoTrax is a technology-enabled supply chain solutions company focusing on a mission-critical yet under-resourced area of supply chains – the recyclables, reusables, and waste produced by distribution centers. Our purpose-built platform and team of industry experts deliver solutions that increase the value and sustainability performance of recyclables (pallets, OCC bales, plastics, food waste) while simplifying and modernizing the management of returnable containers (totes, pooled pallets, etc.). We digitally integrate and synchronize all internal stakeholders and external partners and automate workflow through a single platform. This single point of truth reveals real-time, actionable data and insights, reducing environmental impact while improving fiscal performance.