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Revolutionizing Supply Chain Sustainability


In today’s complex business landscape, navigating zero waste compliance regulations poses significant challenges. Manual tracking of reusable transport packaging not only leads to inefficiencies but also exposes businesses to liabilities. Reactive processes, fragmented communication, and limited visibility into supply chain performance only exacerbate these issues. 

Root Causes

At EcoTrax, we understand the underlying factors contributing to supply chain inefficiencies. Retail supply chains and distribution centers were not originally designed for the demands of a circular economy. Moreover, historical under-resourcing and the absence of a single point of truth have perpetuated fragmented systems and siloed data. 

Unintended Consequences

The consequences of these inefficiencies are far-reaching. Leakage of recycling revenue, growing liabilities associated with packaging management, and frustration among stakeholders are just a few of the unintended outcomes businesses face. 

Our Approach

EcoTrax offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Our industry-first technology is purpose-built to address the unique requirements of sustainable supply chains. By providing a single point of truth and connecting all stakeholders on a unified platform, we streamline communication and collaboration. Our multi-commodity modules cover food waste disposition, recycling, and asset management, offering automation of workflows and standardized data for actionable insights. 

Why Choose EcoTrax

Why choose EcoTrax? Because we offer more than just a solution – we offer a transformative approach to supply chain sustainability. Our platform is cloud-based, providing secure access from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it’s fully customizable to accommodate your organization’s specific nuances, ensuring seamless integration and adoption. 


Join us in shaping a greener, more efficient future with EcoTrax. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and liabilities, and hello to sustainability, profitability, and peace of mind. 

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